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 KEY STAGE 1 and 2 (Children aged 5 - 11)

Our school has adopted the National Curriculum 2014 following Government guidelines.

Web icon National Curriculum 2014

English and mathematics are taught daily, usually in discrete lessons at the level that each child is working at regardless of age.  Teachers carefully differentiate tasks to match the needs of every child.

At St Andrew's maths is led by our STEM leader, Mrs Willis.

Reading is led by Mrs Rashbrook and Writing is led by our English team leader, Mrs Day. 

Reading, Writing and Maths Learning Steps

Year 1 - Reading, Writing and Maths

Year 2 - Reading, Writing and Maths

Year 3 - Reading, Writing and Maths

Year 4 - Reading, Writing and Maths

Year 5 - Reading, Writing and Maths

Year 6 - Reading, Writing and Maths

Children are taught to read with a daily phonics lesson to ensure that they quickly acquire the skills to become fluent and enthusiastic readers.  In KS2 they move to daily whole class reading sessions. Alongside this our school provides a range of reading books from well regarded publishers.  Books are organised following the coloured band system giving children a wide range of choice within the band or level they are reading within. Phonics is led jointly by Mrs Anderson and Mrs Davey as part of our English team led by Mrs Day. 

We follow the Department for Education Letters and Sounds phonics programme supplemented by resources from Phonics Play.  

DfE Letters and Sounds

Science, history, geography, art, design technology and music are taught using a topic approach.  Teachers plan topics each year following National Curriculum guidelines. Each topic is a carefully planned 'learning journey', where lessons are planned to provide progression of skills and knowledge both within the topic and across each year group and key stage. Each topic starts with an exciting 'Hook' and leads up to an end point, giving children purpose for their learning.  Learning is planned carefully using our progression documents to ensure that children in mixed age classes always experience new subject material. 

Foundation subjects are led by teachers as part of the Foundation Subject team led by Mr Sharp. 

Science is led by Mr Ford as part of the STEM team led by Mrs Willis. You can read more about the learning steps for Science here:

KS1 and KS2 -  Science Learning Steps

PSHE is taught for 1-2 weeks at the start of each term and includes the new mandatory for 2020 RSE curriculum. This learning is then reinforced throughout the term.

Overview of the PSHE Curriculum

Religious Education is taught discretely and our curriculum is planned following the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus and Understanding Christianity resource.  

St Andrew's Religious Education Curriculum overview for 2020-2021 

Information about Understanding Christianity 

You can read more about how children learn RE on this page. 

A Modern Foreign Language is taught in Key Stage 2.  Currently we offer Spanish. 

Early Years Foundation Stage 

Children in our Reception class and Pre-school follow a play based curriculum using the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum guidance. Our purpose built EYFS unit is organised following the Early Excellence Model.  Child led learning holds a very important place in our planning, encouraging our children to plan, negotiate and problem solve. You can view our EYFS curriculum for this year here: The EYFS team is led by Mrs Mint. 

Our EYFS Curriculum 2020 - 2021