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Our Prayer Space

We have started to create a prayer space for children and adults to use in school. This space is open for children and staff to use for spiritual reflection.

It is also a space for children to reflect on, and - if they want to - pray about their identity, their relationships with others and issues of injustice around the world. 

Each class will have a day each month to explore and reflect on the new activity. We will record each months activity in our Prayer Space school book. 



This month we are starting with an activity called 'Transforming Butterflies'. The children will be exploring their hopes for the future and reflecting on anything which they are nervous about for the new school year. 


For I know the plans I have for you, Plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you hope and future

Jeremiah 29:11 



Collective Worship

In our school, Collective Worship underpins all that we do, prepares us for the day ahead and allows for a time of community, quiet, reflection and prayer. During the current pandemic, we are unable to meet together but daily acts of worship, led by school staff and clergy, are streamed into our classrooms. 

Daily Act of Worship:

Our daily act of worship is contained within our morning assemblies.

Monday 9am - Whole school worship led by Mrs Henson to introduce the value of the week

Tuesday 9am - Whole school worship led by the Epping Ministry Team

Wednesday 9am - Whole school worship led by class teachers using Picture News

Thursday 9am - Whole school worship led by SLT - reinforcing the value

Friday 9am - Whole school celebration assembly led by Mrs Henson - We are pleased to invite parents into these assemblies to share and celebrate our children's work with you. Please join us entering through the hall doors.

Revd Lee Batson during our clergy assembly - September 2021

Acts of worship are carefully planned around Christian Festivals and are an opportunity to help children learn about and acquire our Christian values in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.  Every act of worship contains music, song and prayer and a quiet opportunity for reflection.  

During the Autumn term, our EYFS children in Apple and Cherry class do not join us in assembly but they do still have shorter class assembly times in class where that weeks value is discussed and taught. Reverend Jamiee Summers visits these classes regularly to ensure they have the chance to join in the collective worship themes from that weeks assembly led by the Epping Ministry team. 

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from daily acts of worship.   We would encourage you to discuss this with Mrs Henson, our Headteacher.

Worship Council

Children from year 1 to 6 apply to be in the worship council. The successful applicants take an active role in our daily collective worship - organising the seating and music and reading prayers. They review and evaluate collective worship to ensure it continues to be inclusive, inspirational and invitational, having regular meetings with Mrs Henson. They are also key in leading end of school prayres and facilitating use of our prayer space.


School Eucharist

Once each term we celebrate the Eucharist in school: to celebrate the life of St Andrew in November, at Easter and to mark the end of our school year.  

Led by  a member of the clergy, this is a joyful occasion where children take an active part in readings, singing, prayers and drama.  Parents are made very welcome at this special act of worship.