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The governing body consists of a group of appointed volunteers who use their individual experience to work with the head teacher to ensure that pupils receive the best education possible whilst at the school.

The governing board has three core functions:

  • Setting the strategic direction

  • Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school

  • Ensuring financial health, probity and value for money

Governors meet regularly and the board is made up of members from four categories: staff, parents, community and local authority.

Governing Body Organisation

The core functions of the governing body are performed by the following groups, all of which meet once a term:

  • The Full Governing Body: Set, Implement and monitor the strategic direction of the school

  • The Teaching, Learning and Achievement Committee: To consider and direct all matters relating to pupils' education and well being

  • The Resources Committee: To consider and direct all matters relating to the agree budgets and resource needs to meet the requirements of the curriculum and maintain the fabric of the buildings and grounds.

Separate groups will be formed to deal with specific projects. these groups can include members of the community and others with relevant experience to help.

Governors are involved in specific monitoring activities linked to the School Improvement Plan and will visit the school termly to review progress in these areas. Visits could include talking to pupils and staff, reviewing pupils work and observing work in progress.

Current List of Governors

Name Appointed Term Appointing Authority Responsibility  External Interests Material Interests
Toby Anscombe 15/04/2022 14/03/2026 Local Authority

Chair of Governors,

Charr of Pay Committee,

Chair of Resources Committee,

Deputy Safeguarding Lead,

None None
Katie Henson 01/01/2021 31/12/2025 Ex Officio Head Teacher Husband is employed as LSA None
Jane Day 29/03/2023 28/03/2027 Staff Governor Staff Member None None
Roger Lowry 01/04/2021 31/03/2025 Foundation (PCC) Heath and Safety Link None None
Fred Rylah 24/02/2022 23/02/2026 Parent Governor   None None
Shehzaad Khan 24/02/2022 23/02/2026 Parent Governor   None None
Jenny Berriman 01/03/2021 28/02/2025 Parent Governor

Vice-chair of Governors, Safeguarding Lead,

SEND Link,

ECT Link

None None
Robyn Keen 08/02/2024 07/02/2028  Foundation (DBE)   None  None 
Emily Kirby  08/02/2024 07/02/2028  Foundation (DBE)   None  None 
Vacant     Foundation (DBE)      
Vacant     Foundation (PCC)      
Vacant     Foundation (PCC)      

Past Appointments

Name Appointed Term Appointing Authority Date Stepped Down
Rev. Jaimee Summers 16/03/2021 16/03/2025 Foundation (DBE)  05/07/2023
Rev Lee Baston 16/03/2021   Ex Officio  05/07/2023
Kate Colin 01/02/2021 31/01/2025 Foundation (DBE) 24/01/2024

Observers / Associate Governors

The following Observers are recorded as attending meetings:

Amanda Lansley - School Business Manager, Attends Resources Committee meetings

Benjamin Sharp - Deputy Headteacher, Attends Resources Committee and Teaching, Learning and Achievement meetings.

Who can be a governor?

Governors are appointed from different areas of the community:

  • Foundation Governors are either Diocesan appointments (DBE) or governors appointed by St Andrews Church (PCC).
  • Local Authority Governors are appointed by Essex County Council.
  • Parent Governors are voted for by the parents of children attending St Andrew's School.

How can I contact the Governing Body?

Please contact  the School Office by email or telephone 01992522283 or use the links above.

Governor Attendance

Governor attendance at meetings can be seen here